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The Bagel Stop - Brookfield Place

161 Bay Street, Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2S1

(416) 955-9095
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The Bagel Stop - Brookfield Place, Restaurant

For Inquiries or Reservations call: (416) 955-9095
The Bagel Stop - Brookfield Place Description
The Bagel Stop was founded in 1987 by Alex Zilberberg and Felix Zonenberg. Groomed and trained in the bakery business they quickly recognized the bagel's potential to develop into an alternative to popular fast food. Since 1987, The Bagel Stop has met with success everywhere it has opened, creating a satisfactory and loyal customer base. The popularity of bagels is not surprising. It is a nutritious food that is low in fat and low in calories. With more than a dozen flavour varieties ranging from plain to chocolate chip and its firm outside and soft chewy inside, bagels can be eaten hot and fresh from the oven. The favourite toppings are regular or flavoured cream cheese spreads and lox. Bagels further show their versatility when fabricated into delicious deli sandwiches, or served with bacon and eggs. It is no wonder the bagel is a favourite food for breakfast, lunch and snack times. The Bagel Stop is an established concept with proven high earning capacity. It works in diverse locations from food courts and office malls to street fronts. Either as commissary supported small retail outlets or as self-sufficient in-line bakery cafes, The Bagel Stop has become today's popular choice in the fast food market.
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